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Bestselling fantasy novelist Beth Rider is in trouble. Her vampire novels hit too close to home for some of the Rakum, an ancient race of vampiric beings that stumble upon her books. Run, Rabbit, run!
Seven years have passed and the adventure continues as the Rakum race dwindles down, fighting for survival against the Rabbit's God. Good and Evil spar to the end, until a victor must emerge!


Friends Tony Agricola and Hope Brannen have differing opinions of Dr. Mark Corescu. Is he a vampire? Are they in danger? Is Hope in love with a monster? Facing one's fears is the only way to survive the Corescu Chronicles.
In Book Two, newly-made vampire Paul Black wreaks havoc on Tony, as well as the city as he discovers his new attributes and satisfies his insatiable hunger. Can a devil be saved? Tony will find out.