When Dad unleashes upon himself a deadly curse, it’s up to 12-year-old Chloe to come to the rescue. Decode the map, find the seed, and defeat Yama... Yeah, Right!

A trip to Scotland turns into mayhem and mystery when young Chloe Walker and Sotol uncover the Walker family secret. Unicorns, flying horses, and a rainbow of picklings lead the duo on another quest. There is a whole new world down there that must be protected!

Being half-vampire and enduring asthma don't keep this hero down. Join Vlad and his friends as they save the village and defeat evil! Peppered with B&W illustrations by Ellen Sallas.

In the sequel to Vlad The Inhaler, more danger approaches in the form of a witch, bounty hunters, and reformed evil relates. Will Vlad solve the riddle of the moon dial and save the day?