Writing is a very spiritual experience, one that calls on the spirit to express itself in a very personal and private way. As writers, we must tap into that special part of ourselves that allows us to move others; to entertain, stir emotion, evoke conviction and cause wonder. In order to accomplish this task, a writer must find that part of the soul that allows the honesty of who they truly are to be revealed through the words that fill the pages of  "work."

I don't use the word "work" lightly. When I tell someone that I've written a book, the first thing I hear is, "I've always wanted to write a book." In fact, many of those who spouted those words so flippantly started a piece of "work" that was destined to become a "book" that turned out to be a few chapters of ideas. These creative thoughts ended up in an abyss of other creative thoughts which were detached from the minds of their creators.
Writing a book takes a tremendous amount of commitment. This commitment goes beyond a flight of ideas that stir the imagination for a fleeting moment. Writing is the determination of the soul to express itself so that others may know and understand that there is more to life than their own. A true writer is able to expand the minds of readers beyond limits that they made for their own lives, helping them to realize that the boundaries of our imagination are self created. Writing breaks the boundaries of the things we know and understand.

Search the innermost truth of your spirit. As a writer, you must seek out what allow you to tap into the creative energy of self-discovery. Once you master self-identify and face the truth of who you are, the words you write will be honest. it doesn't matter if you write fiction, non-fiction, or comic books. You must be true to yourself, and your work will develop a voice that readers will respect and understand. Remember, you cannot fool the reader, so don't fool yourself.

Oh yeah, make sure you use correct grammar.

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